New! French & Filter House!

Vive la musique house! The quintessential French Touch of sample collections est arrivé!

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New! Melodic Techno!

A melodic odyssey through the heart of dramatic techno! Emotionally wrought melodies and powerful beats at home on the floors of Afterlife, DC-10 and Panorama Bar.

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Melodic Deep House 2!

Anthemic deep house of an emotive melodic variety! Back by popular demand we present a contemporary chart-busting collection of house hitters worthy of Diynamic, Innervisions and Kompakt Records.

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Soulful Electronica!

Soulful and sun-kissed electronic cuts blending golden-era trip-hop with contemporary soul!

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Chicago House!

Bang the box! We pay homepage to the birthplace of house across 650MB+ of deep, jacking and pumping house sounds crafted from a mix of classic analogue gear.

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Contemporary electronics, meditative soundscapes and melodic textures for transcendental traxx.

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