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> 5 x Ableton Enhancer FX Racks


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5 quick’n’dirty Ableton racks for enhancing stale audio in seconds. Purpose-built and road-tested in real-life production scenarios these racks give life, energy and presence at the flick of 8 hyper-tailored macros, available now for 4.99. Tweaks intuitively within your DAW with no additional plug-ins or purchases.

Bass Enhancer 
Basslines lacking sub, low-end or grit? No problem. Use the bass enhancer to add musical distortion, punch and resonance to an otherwise un-lively and un-exciting bassline without having to be a mixing-engineer. 

Beats Enhancer 
Bring out essential crunch and grit to acoustic drum recordings or flat sounding audio sample loops. Automating slight tuning, brightness, punch and stereo width for exciting transformations or rough edits of an existing beat. 

Kick Transformer 
Master the much loved booming Techno kick, balance room and dry levels effectively for drum-machine kicks that need an extra bit of love or gradually roll in some gritty colour.


Synth Enhancer 
Stale, muddy synth takes lacking clarity? Drop in the synth enhancer for mix-presence, choice EQ-curve selections and analogue input distortion. 


Top Tools 
Add sizzling highs, analogue weight and choice creative effects with the top-tools rack, automate for creative transitions and musical results. 


These rack effects are instantly playable and programmable in Ableton Live Suite 10 or above. Please ensure you have the latest update installed as the racks are dependent on those features.  

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