Ambient Analogue Techno


Product breakdown:

> 313 x Wav loops

> 313 x Apple Loops

> 313 x Rex2 files

> 110 x Wav one-shots

> 79 x MIDI files

> Plus sampler formats for Ableton, Kontakt, NN-XT


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Unearthly melodies, deep bass-lines and abrasive club rhythms in the pioneering style of Aphex Twin, The Orb and Boards of Canada.

Synthesised from elements of Techno, Hardcore, Ambient, House and IDM this timeless concoction of sound was authentically sequenced and recorded on homemade synthesisers, vintage sequencers and lo-fi drum-machines.

Combining the raw energy of early acid with the diffusive harmony of classical composers, this collection expansively explores a golden era of electronic music.

Acid Loops > Resonant riffs, squiggling bass-lines and raving leads in the style of melodic acid. Imbued with a sense of melancholy and groove these painstakingly programmed loops will take you back to the hey-day of IDM & Techno. Served at 100 & 130 BPM with MIDI files where possible.

Drum Loops > Raw breakbeat-inspired grooves and epic slamming rhythms covering a range of straight and swung techno-hybrids. Over 140+ loops served with all constituent stems at 100 and 130bpm.

Atmospheres > Transformed spaces and nostalgic soundscapes for depth and intrigue.

Bass Loops > Epic mono-riffs, subtle subs and booming 808’s in the style of trip-hop, techno and house. Served at 100 & 130 BPM with MIDI where possible.

Glitch & Break Loops > Chopped ’n’ screwed breaks and classic sampler flipped drums! Era-genuine production tools summing the greatest of early 90s beat-programming.

Hat Loops > Dirty rides and filthy cymbals, the classic sound of saturated hi-hats at 130bpm.

Lead Loops > Resonant and evolving synthetic leads channelling the epic melodies of IDM. Key / tempo-labelled at 130bpm and with MIDI where possible.

Noise Loops > Dust, grit and groove.

Pad Loops > Polyphonic soundscapes, ethereal chord-sequences and dreamy pads at 100bpm - served with MIDI where possible.

Melodic Hits > Dense melodic chords in a variety of harmonies and textures. Served with sampler formats and integrations for all modern DAWs.

Drum Hits > Slamming dusty-drum hits oozing with analogue grit and warmth. Craft your own epic beats with a collection of drum-hits ready to drop into a sampler or software of your choice.

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