Lo-Fi Soul


Product breakdown:

> 364 x 24-bit Wav loops

> 240 x 24-bit one-shots / 4 custom-kits

> 364 x Rex2 files

> 364 x Apple Loops


This variant is currently sold out

Light up a fat-one and slip into a hazy blend of electronic R&B and soulful hip-hop. Neon-melodic riffs, funky instrumentation, lush vocals, OG hip-hop beats and sexual guitar licks that go for daze…

Drum Loops > Perfectly swung, organic yet punchy grooves served between 88 and 95bpm. 153 x Smouldering beats with all constituent stems as standard. 

Chord Loops > Hazy musical combinations of guitar, polyphonic synths and straight subby bass re-sampled into lo-fi building blocks. Served in a range of keys and harmonic combinations.

Melodic One-Shots > Over 200 melodic one-shots to drop into your sampler for those west-coast sunset, youtube electronica productions!

Bass Loops > Straight-up funky bass loops, raw and saturated vibe-monsters at 88 and 95bpm.

Vocal Loops > Chopped-up soprano and female alto loops recorded and arranged by a well known session vocalist.

Vocal Phrases > Lo-fi song-starter vocal phrases in a range of key ideal as the reoccurring motif in your next digital hit.

Drum One-Shots > Acoustic drum-shots and tastefully processed trap drums. Served with custom kits and sampler formats for all modern DAWs.

Guitar Loops > Lush and jazzy guitar riffs and licks.

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