Analogue Transmission


Product breakdown:

> 218 x Wav loops

> 81 x Wav one-shots / X custom kits for Ableton Drum Rack, Maschine 2, Battery 4 & Kong

> 192 x Apple Loops

> 192 x Rex2 files

> 82 x MIDI files

> 1 x Ableton Chord Rack


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We’ve fired up the studio hardware - including the TR-909, JXP3 and Juno 106 - to go deep into an analogue odyssey traversing house, techno and electronica in a quest to find freaky machine funk of the highest order!

Taking inspiration from many sources, this collection of electronic experiments effortlessly pulls together elements of classic Chicago house, Detroit techno, IDM, 80s electro and 90s deep house. If you like your sounds analogue, raw and loaded with sonic character and bursting with inspiration then this is one for you!

Overloaded with rich, emotive analogue melodics, deep and driving basslines, raw drum box rhythms, retro-styled vox tools, textural FX, noise layers and hardware-sourced drum hits, this sample pack is 100% certified to give you the raw and rich inspiration that only hardware machines can achieve.

Beats > All-star drum-box beatdowns courtesy of the TR-909, Volca Beats, Octatrack and Boss Dr Rhythm. From dirty and jackin’ to deep and pumping these are pure raw rhythms jammed to devastating effect. Beats come with numerous stripped-out stems as standard. There’s a bonus folder of jacked and maxxed perc and tops loops for additional inspiration.

Bass > Driving analogue basslines with a retro house and techno flavour: distorted acid squelches, strident mono riffs, deep analogue pulses, 80s electro lines, dark metallic tones, bumpin’ square waves and more.

Synths > Pure analogue jams eeked from the Roland JX3P, SH-101 and Korg Poly 800. Discover scores of key-labeled emotive synth experiments: sequential arps, poly leads, lush pads and warm synth keys. Just load up MIDI versions if you want more sonic options.

Music Loops > Evocative and emotive analogue expressions of house and techno. Each melodic cut comes with a full mix and the associated stripped stems (bass, chords, lead, pad, keys etc) - plus the MIDI for even more melodic freedom.

Chord Shots > 26 deep and expressive chord shots offered with pre-programmed MIDI loops for instant chord bliss. One-shots and MIDI is key-labeled as standard for total ease of use. Classic deep house and techno at your fingertips! Comes with a custom-built Ableton Chord rack for additional processing options straight in your DAW.

Vocal Tools > 15 retro-style vocals that have been cut up, resampled, processed and re-sequenced into perfect loops ready to drop into your tracks!

FX & Textures > Cavernous drones and distortions, tweaked electronic elements, synth-based rhythmic grooves and more.

Drum Hits > Ruff, raw and sampler-ready drum hits loaded with analogue aesthetics: kicks, claps, snares, hats, cymbals, toms and percussion samples. Comes with X curated drum kits for major samplers for instant beat bashing.

All our audio samples, presets and MIDI files are 100% royalty-free and can be used in your own productions, releases or compilations as you wish. 

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