Classic Deep House 3

Classic Deep House 3


Dangerously deep house of a tech & dubby flavour! Treading the line between early tribal experiments in classic & vintage house as well as progressive elements from the early 00s scene, our gold-standard series of strictly deep house material widens the remit into darker & more hypnotic territory.

Inspired by the well-worn B-sides of artists Francois K, Murk and K-Hand expect old-school 4/4 material complimented by the unique sound of digital rack synthesisers and the early AKAI samplers of the era. Driving yet detailed, daring but distinct this collection sums up all the swashbuckling drum-machines and bumping basslines of the series but gives it an extra unique funkiness and digital dystopian counterpoint. As always this collection com comes complete with all stems, MIDI and key-labels where possible - TIP!

Drum Loops > Muscular 90s beats and percussive chuggers going deep on the propulsive drum programming! Powerful audio files served with all constituent stems.

Synth Loops > 135polyphonic, digital, analogue and idiosyncratically HOT synthesiser loops which conjure up the unique sound of CDH3 era. Served at 125bpm with key-labels and MIDI.

Top Loops > Tribal drums, warped congas and acoustic freak-outs in a range of vibes and flavours summing up early 00s in NYC baby.

Vocal Loops > Haunting, anthem and seductively sensual this folder of chopped up vocal files is iconic in its sonic quality and range of use. Served 125bpm with key labels as standard.

Bass Loops > Funky-subs of a smouldering quality, sequenced basslines and hot’n’heavy mono-synth loops recorded and mixed for low-end impact. Served at 125bpm and with MIDI where possible.

Percussion Loops > No vintage deep-house pack is complete without the tabla, djembe and latin-percussion loops that made groups like Nuyorican Soul and Masters at Work household names. Essential percussion loops to keep that floor mooooovin!

Organ Loops > Chopped up and reverb-drenched organic and pedal-piano loops beloved of Kerri Chandler and many more! Served at 125bpm with MIDI where possible.

Pad Loops > Immersive, hypnotic and processed through quintessential digital FX boxes expect a folder jam-packed with audio goodies. Served at 125bpm and with MIDI where possible.

Piano Loops > Uplifting piano jams! Musical, hard-hitting, pedal-driven audio loops from classic M1 sources.

Bass & Chord Shots > Carefully sourced harmonic chord shots and deeply dub bass shots from the audio & digital synths of the era. Served with sampler formats for all modern DAWs.

FX > Glittering digital crescendos, hallow atmosphere and complex risers. We’ve dug deep into the preset lists of various FX boxes that incrementally increase your pulse and mobilise your feet!

Drum Hits > All the drum hits you’re ever gonna need for classic deep house, served all relevant sampler formats & kits to incorporate into your music production set-up.