Cosmic House & Techno


Product breakdown:

> 524 x Wav loops

> 409 x Wav one-shots

> 524 x Apple Loops

> 524 x Rex2 files

> 3 x custom drum kits for Maschine 2, Battery 4, Ableton Drum Rack & Kong


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Deep, driving and mind-expansive house and techno from across the electronic spectrum. A cross-pollination of emotive synth-scapes and 303 riffs, 909 beats and classic FM-synthesis. Taking inspiration from the whimsical (yet deadly) house-hybrids of Bicep, Palms Trax and Mano Le Tough, prepare to be transported to a trippy future of electronic music.

In one of our biggest collections ever we present a sonic smorgasbord of deep-house, acid and far-out electronica in over 1.3GB+ of audio loops, samples and one-shots. Every possible angle of production has been covered in a wealth of FX, bass instruments, textures and one-shot chords accompanying top-of-the line audio loops and samples.

Acid 303s > 50 raucously rhythmic and squelching acid loops recorded from a modded original Roland unit. Served at 120bpm with key/tempo labelling,

Drum Loops > Raw and refined, driving yet funky drum loops for all variations of cosmic house and techno. Mixed for weight, punch and depth, all of the loops are served with up to 8 constituent stems. 

Synth Pads > Warm, ethereal and bursting with musical-complexity these synth pads have been tailor made using wavetable, FM and digital synth modules. Served at 120bpm with key/tempo labelling.

Textures > 50 crystal-clear, digital atmospheres and granular-beds spanning the supportive to the intrusive. Recorded from choice 90s rack units to custom-coded processing algorithms. 

Piano Loops > Funky fresh piano loops from across the Milky-Way. Stabs, chord progressions and musical phrases referencing everything from acid-jazz to classic deep house.

FX > Filtered synth squelches, epic impacts and enough uppers/downers to compliment just about any transition you can think of.

Synth Arps > 50 rhythmic, evolving and cosmic synthesizer arpeggios served at 120bpm with key/tempo labelling.

Bass Loops > Rich subs and deep monophonic riffs expertly programmed for impact and groove.

Bass One-Shots > Dense, powerful one-shots from classic hardware served as wav files and instruments for the DAW of your-choice.

Chords > Classic one-shot chords to drop into a sampler of your choice bursting with analogue authenticity.

Drum Hits > Swash-buckling drum hits from classic drum-machine processed to perfection. Custom kits and sampler formats available for all DAWs.

Synth Keys > Classic organ-synths and phaser-kissed riffs balancing the cosmic with the kitsch. Key and tempo-labelled at 120bpm.

Synth Loops > Powerful polyphonic chord sequences and musical interludes powered by the big-bad synths of the 1980s.

Top Loops > Raw-shuffling machine drum tops and percussive bongo workouts to get your teeth into.

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