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An on-point rack-based toolkit for producers seeking retro, raw and underground sounds inspired by the pioneering house music of the 80s and 90s.

Primed for use with Push and packed with recordings of vintage hardware within eleven tweakable Instrument Racks, House Racks is an essential all-round toolkit for producers seeking the classic sounds of 80s and 90s underground house.

Packed with 11 tweakable Instrument Racks covering all key sound elements for full track creation, each rack is loaded with authentic sounds recorded direct from seminal hardware such as the Roland TB-303/808/909/SH-101, Arp2600, Juno 106, Oberheim SEM V, Korg M1 - these classic loops and samples can be additionally manipulated with powerful macros which control complex deep-level Ableton processing chains: use the macros to switch quickly between samples, or bring powerful, tweakable processing chains into your productions and performances.

With or without external controls, the Racks have got the key elements of classic house covered:

Drums and perc

The Drum Rack contains eight slots loaded with kick, snare, hat, cymbal and percussion sounds. The Loop Rack holds 32 grooves, ready to be sliced and processed into rhythms, layers and textures of your own. Macro controls let you use the complex processing chains to tweak and twist loops into completely new rhythmic ideas.

Definitive Bass

The Bass Rack and Pulse Bass Rack each come with 32 distinctive analogue bass tones, flexible modulation sections, plus controls for adding grittier textures or beefing things up. More classic low-end ammo is available in the Reese Rack, with 32 samples of the iconic sounds spawned by Kevin ‘Reese’ Saunderson and later appropriated by jungle music.

The Acid Rack completes the bass collection: 32 sequences from the inimitable Roland TB-303 that can be triggered in an 8-step sequencer and given a modern twist with the on-board effect chains.

Leads and organs

You can find unmistakable house synths, organs and e-pianos within the Classic Poly Rack, thanks to the sounds of early 90s digital workstations (Yamaha RS7000, Korg M1 and Access Virus B). The Lead Rack, meanwhile, offers everything from rich unison leads to distorted, detuned screamers – recorded from modular, analog and digital synth sources.

Pads, stabs and more

With multi-sampled recordings of the Oberheim SEM among others, the Pad Rack is capable of an impressive range of lush textures, ready for sculpting with macro controls. The Wavetable Rack brings the evolving metallic tones of the Waldorf NW1 and Korg Wavestation – try automating them to create shifting textures and layers. An FX Rack completes the set – 64 samples, ready to be processed with filter, looper and delay macros for transitions, spot FX and breakdowns.

All our audio samples, presets and MIDI files are 100% royalty-free and can be used in your own productions, releases or compilations as you wish. 

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