Lo-Fi Electronica


Product breakdown:

> 472 x Wav loops

> 86 x Wav one-shots

> 233 x MIDI files

> 472 x Apple Loops

> 472 x Rex2 files

> 3 x drum kits for Ableton Drum Rack, Battery 4, ESX24 & Kong


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Packed with ambient excursions and lo-fi explorations, this diverse sample pack contains 1.25GB of lo-fi beats, analogue arps, deep bass, rich and woozy polyphonic chords, cinematic songstarters, dreamy synths, melancholic modular grooves and more. Spanning left field pop, lo-fi ambient, synthwave and cinematic noir, this collection is loaded with essential lo-fi inspiration.

All loops are presented in industry-standard 24-bit format in Wav, Apple Loops and Rex2 format. Loops are tempo-synced at either 110 or 120bpm and all melodic loops are key-labeled where applicable. MIDI files have been included for melodic content to maximise the creative freedom of the pack.

Drums > Sparse lo-fi beats and atmospheric breaks for use across the electronic spectrum. Think analogue drum machines alongside industrial found-sound grooves. Served at either 110 or 120bpm with a full mix for each beat, plus the associated drum stems.

Arps > From ghostly, shimmering progressions to darker, driven grooves: a selection of epic arpeggios to inspire. All key-labeled and offered with MIDI versions.

Bass > Deep modular grooves, heavy subs, gritty low-end licks and classic analogue loops. Heavy bassline action guaranteed. Key-labeled and offered with MIDI throughout.

Chords > Wonky drifting chords, scuzzy filtered chords, rich polyphonic progressions, deep dub chords and more. Pure analogue bliss and lo-fi processing throughout. All loops are key-labeled and offered with MIDI.

Music Loops > Exquisite melodic songstarters spanning cinematic noir, lo-fi ambient, synthwave, left field electronica and more. Contains a full mix plus the stripped stems for full melodic control. All loops are key-labeled and MIDI is provided.

Pads > Dark drones, lilting progressions, wavering synth strings, desolate textures and more. Key-labeled and offered with MIDI.

Synths > Glassy FM leads, dreamscape Junos, gurgling modular grooves, cinematic synth sequences and more:  91 melodic motifs oozing with lo-fi analogue character. All key-labeled and offered with MIDI versions where possible.

Percussion > Glitchy, groovy, deep and dubby: 41 processed percussive grooves to add idiosyncratic vibes to any track.

FX > Analogue winds, delayed impacts, synth modulations, gritty tones, noise sweeps, reverse cymbals, sci-fi bleeps and bloops. An essential selection of lo-fi FX tools to explore.

Drum Hits & Kits > 86 hand-sculpted drum sounds crafted with a mix of analogue, found-sound and digital manipulation sources. Contains sub-folders of kicks, claps, snare, open hats, closed hats and percussion hits. Comes with 3 curated drum kits for Ableton Drum Rack, Battery 4, EXS24 and Kong.

All our audio samples, presets and MIDI files are 100% royalty-free and can be used in your own productions, releases or compilations as you wish. 

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