Strictly 707


Product breakdown:

> 771 x Wav loops

> 771 x Apple loops

> 771 x Rex2 files

> 1 x 707 Performance Rack

For all features of the Performance Rack to work flawlessly we recommend Ableton Live 10 Suite.


This variant is currently sold out

We’ve revamped one of dance music's most iconic drum machines for the 21st century. Expertly re-sampling the its legendary sounds, grooves and multi output dynamics, we've captured the original Roland TR-707 and created a powerful Ableton Rack giving you unrivalled drum programming and processing control.

This is the only TR-707 drum collection you need! Packed with 1200 killer one-shots and banging drum loops and grooves and a custom Ableton Rack for custom beat programming, this is a something you’ll turn to again and again.

The Ableton Rack is designed to let you balance all the individual outputs and use native Ableton effects to add additional vibe and character to your beats. The versatility of the drum sounds and processing FX options make it perfect for almost any genre, from house and techno to electronica and beyond. Loaded with tape simulations, plate reverbs, echoes, EQs and more, we’ve done just about everything possible to give this iconic drum machine even more possibilities.

For Ableton users there’s more. You can cut and paste between over 100 unique 707 drum patterns and grooves, tweaking stem volumes and effects as you go, using the Rack as a performance instrument and alongside Ableton’s clip launching capabilities.

Each individual output has been recorded through a high-gain signal chain from an expertly programmed pattern to retain all the nuances of the original machine while still allowing for flexibility in any DAW. Kicks, claps, percussion, hats, rides, cymbals and more are contained with unique dynamic and swing placement to use as is or warp in any sampler. Simply drop a full-mix loop into simpler to slice out any one individual hit while still retaining the machines original audio blend.

All our audio samples, presets and MIDI files are 100% royalty-free and can be used in your own productions, releases or compilations as you wish. 


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