The MIDI Collection

UNDRGRND Sounds Say goodbye to musically stale dance-music production in the form of a package that spans everything from the  The files come from key...


The MIDI Collection


UNDRGRND Sounds presents the ultimate MIDI collection for electronic music production. Over 1500 carefully crafted, curated and organised MIDI files imbued with key-musical features across a massive range of use cases. 

Say goodbye to musically stale dance-music production in the form of a package that spans everything from the complex-harmonies of deep-house, piano specific melodic riffs, acid baselines, sequenced leads, house stabs, funky OG bass-lines and much much more... Every possible MIDI variation that could be useful has been included and carefully labelled for ease of use, 100% royalty free.  We’ve organised all of the files by sound-type, key, bpm and more so it’s easy to incorporate into your workflow without having to know ANY music-theory. However if you know your stuff all the files are fantastic jumping-off inspiration points as well as massive time savers.  

The files come from key UNDRGRND Sounds collections as well as 400+ new MIDI samples unique to the MIDI collection itself!

The MIDI Collection - Ableton Project

The 1500 MIDI files on their own are great as they are but what really brings it all together is an epic Ableton project which allows you to transpose any and all MIDI clips into a key of your choosing.


Key Features

-> Transpose any of the 1500 MIDI clips into the key appropriate for your track at the click of a button, NO music theory required.

-> Jam with multiple MIDI clips sorted by sound-type / category in a seamless Ableton project, allowing for multiple transpose functions to ascertain exactly the right key or harmonic transition that’s right for your track.

-> Utilise a powerful collection of sampler instruments and vintage drum-kits to create full-blown tracks using any or a combination of all the MIDI files that are part of The MIDI Collection.

-> Drop in your own VST or loops / samples into the project to prototype all of the MIDI chords / harmonies etc. in a system that allows you to FORGET about music theory and focus on the fun.

-> All files have been intuitively organised by key and sound type for creative and fun musical combinations.

Please note: The Ableton Project requires Ableton Live Suite 11 to function as intended.

Folder Breakdowns: Acid Basslines -> 54

Arpeggios -> 76

Chord Progressions -> 53

Construction Kits -> 225

Deep House Progressions -> 86

Drum Loops -> 50

Dub Chords & Rave Stabs -> 61

Funky Basslines -> 164

House Riffs & Chords -> 73

Keys -> 58

Leads & Melodies -> 165

Mallets -> 27

Pads -> 81

Piano Riffs -> 57

Sequenced Baselines -> 68

Strings -> 12

Sub Basslines -> 129

Synth Sequences -> 139 

Collections used and optimised: House of BassDeep & Jazz House 2Melodic Deep House 2Total Berlin TechnoHouse of ChordsOrganic TechnoClassic Dub TechnoOrganic HouseDanktronicaDeep Melodic HouseRave RenaissanceLo-Fi House 2Cinematic TechnoClassic ElectroClassic & Jacking HouseJunglist D&BMelodic Techno