Retro Racks


Product breakdown:

> 125 x Ableton Rack instruments.

> 12 x Custom Drum-kits.

> 3 x Ableton Project Track Recreations.

> 501 x 24-bit Audio loops.

> 315 x 24-bit Wav one-shots.

> 286 x MIDI files.

Please note: The instruments and projects contained require Ableton Live 9 Suite.


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Get the authentic sound of the 80s with this huge Ableton and Push integrated collection of 100+ vintage hardware-sourced multisample instruments and drum racks, Operator presets, Analog presets and three full-track Ableton project files. This is the ultimate resource for Ableton users looking to put iconic sound of classic 80s synths and drum machines direct into their DAW.
Download a demo version of the pack in Ableton Project form for free here!
Retro Racks - Music Tech Award Click to read the full review here!

We’ve also included hundreds of audio loops (in Wav, Apple Loops and Rex2 formats) and hundreds of MIDI files to deliver instant inspiration - ensuring you can get these authentic 80s sounds into your tracks no matter what DAW you use!

Rack Instruments
Iconic hardware sounds that have been meticulously programmed into over 120 retro and 80s-inspired instrument racks. Combining multisample recordings from the original hardware synths - including with the the Juno-60, SH-101, DX-7, Prophet 5 - we've optimised each rack instrument to maximise the flexibility and playability that the Ableton rack format has to offer. 
Alongside this we've also created 80+ ultra-inspiring digital presets for Ableton's native synthesisers Operator and Analog. These detailed presets make the most of expressive techniques such as after-touch and velocity sensitivity to ensure the ultimate in expressive melodic creation. And to really make these sounds ooze that 80s vibe we've loaded up on Bucket Brigade Chorus, Space Echo Delay Chains and Alessis Sidechain emulations as standard - so there’s no additional tweaks needed to get that retro aesthetic! 
All three instrument folders contain a selection of thick vintage bass presets, FM-style poly pads, retro string sounds, evolving sine leads, square-wave arpeggios, Juno-brass patches and much more.
Whether it's the Analog, Operator or Sampler rack instruments, each one comes with 8 pre-assigned macro controls that have been painstakingly customised for each to ensure intuitive and inspirational sound sculpting options for retro and 80s inspired music making.  
Drum Racks
We've sampled 11 classic drum-machines, including the Oberheim DMX, Linn Drum, Roland TR707 and Simmons Digital Kit, which have then re-mapped into powerful Ableton Drum Racks complete with 8 custom macro controls. From classic gated reverbs to amplitude envelope mapping to authentic EQ modelling, these hybrid drum kits bring this iconic sounds to a whole new level of sonic inspiration.
We've rounded the racks off with a master drum selector kit to make finding the right retro drum drums for your tracks easy and intuitive. 
Audio Loops
Sometimes when inspiration is in short supply or time is tight you need an instant creative injection that kick-starts your new track. That's why we've included 500 of the finest 80s-style loops available. Loaded with distinctive 80s beats, analogue bass freakouts, exquisite arpeggios, strident synth leads, nostalgic pads, pumping tops and classy chords, these loops have been expertly programmed and produced to deliver that classic 80s sound.
And for those who need more flexibility, we've included MIDI versions of the melodic files where possible so you've got unlimited freedom to customise the progressions.
Track Recreations
As 80s aficionados ourselves we've gone ahead and recreated sections from three classic 80s tracks using only the instruments and samples contained in the pack. Browse around the arrangement of New Order's 'Blue Monday', Eurythmics' 'Sweet Dreams' and Aha's 'Take On Me' and get to dissect how we've used the instruments, drum racks, synth presets and macro controls to recreate these classic tracks.
All our audio samples, presets and MIDI files are 100% royalty-free and can be used in your own productions, releases or compilations as you wish. 

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